Solution For Sterilization, Water Purification and Preservation

Clean Good Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

According to the research and investigation of sterilization, disinfection, and deodorant processing in domestic food and aquaculture industry, we realized the effect was far from ideal. Therefore, we took some time to find a product which is suitable, non-corrosive and nonirritating with low cost and rapid effect.

Strictly speaking, the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of aquatic products and food processing equipment is a complex process in which physical, chemical and biological factors interact. In fact, there is no perfect cleaning system applicable to all processing equipment. From a practical perspective, the best cleaning system is the one that can meet its requirements at the lowest cost and with the minimum of labor and maximum efficiency.

At present, commonly used domestic germicides and disinfectants are: hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, phenol, quaternary amine, alcohol and surfactant. However, these products have the following shortcomings: incomplete sterilization, strong corrosiveness, pungent smell, poison gas released from improper usage, or production of foam which requires a second rinse. Considering the rising consumer awareness, requirements on environmental protection and food hygiene, the powerful sterilization and low stimulating corrosiveness product comes to market; Clean Good (Stabililzed chlorine dioxide).

CLEAN GOOD a powerful germicide and disinfectant with its thorough sterilization in a short time and economical dosage is indeed. Because it can come in indirect contact with food, it clearly caters to the food manufacturers at present.

CLEAN GOOD has been approved by the Environmental Protection Administration for import and confirmed by Food Industry Institute for its excellent sterilization performance.